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Just Browzing was born out of a passion to give women the tools they need to enhance their natural beauty. The brainchild of well-regarded, Johannesburg make-up artist and eyebrow specialist, Michelle de Lima, the brow and make-up bar concept was developed as a way for Michelle to share her 15-plus years of experience in the beauty industry with everyday women. For three years Michelle traveled to her clients, make-up case and tweezers in hand, before opening a dedicated Just Browzing eyebrow and make-up bar in Parkmore.

michelle de lima shaping eyebrows

Today, clients at Just Browzing can visit our brow and make-up bar to receive carefully crafted make-over and discussion time that relies on the best techniques and industry secrets long used on models, movie stars, pop stars… and now, people just like you!

so, why eyebrows
michelle doing make-up and brow shaping
and the tweezers?
we rescue brows

Put your brows in the hands of our team of brow professionals – we see each pair of eyebrows and each client as a mini project. The Just Browzing team can expertly sculpt your eyebrows to accentuate their natural shape in one session but the key is to keep coming back month after month so we can reveal the true shape of your natural brows. Whether you need to grow out certain spots of your brows to recover from a bad waxing or threading job or just need a monthly re-shape, we can give your brows a new lease on life and make you fall in love with your brows. We are also able to dye and darken your brows where needed and show you how to correctly fill in your brows using powders and pencils.

before and after brow
before and after brows
come have fun with just browzing

There is no doubt about it… we love having you here!

While we take our work very seriously, our goal is to create a happy and fun environment for ladies to come in and relax.

We are well known for our friendly interactions and fun atmosphere, so visit us for a chit-chat while we take care of all your beauty needs.

Just Browzing,

we do more than just raising brows…

michelle with client
model blowing a kiss

Need a brow rescue or maintenance?

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