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simplify and correct natural brow shapes
simplify and correct natural brow shapes











Just Browzing recognises that eyebrows are one of the most important features on your face and should not be neglected. When plucked correctly, they create an ‘opening up’ illusion around the eye area, almost like a ‘mini eye lift effect’. They frame the eyes and will create a balance in your overall look.

Allow us to create the ideal shaped eyebrows to enhance your natural facial features, using the tweezer method that is used on models and film stars.

With proper eyebrow shaping, you can create gorgeous brows with perfect arches that frame your face. You will notice the difference!

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1. It’s kinder to the skin – no tugging, pulling and stretching of the skin.

2. More precise and gives better definition, no over plucked eyebrows.

3. Less painful than other eyebrow shaping methods.

tweezer method

Before Just Browzing & After…



Just Browzing simplifies, designs and corrects eyebrows shapes. We are your eyebrow solution to perfect brows… Brow correction is our specialty!

We are trained experts, who lives and breathes eyebrows every day, therefore equipped to advice on any shape eyebrows. Once tweezed, we guarantee there will be no turning back!

Facial threading available

 – Full face, sides of face, chin, lip and forehead threading only.
Grooming for men also available.


Just Browzing


minimizes the fuss by offering a service that allows a welcome relaxing experience.


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NOT twins!

There is only ONE part of a woman’s body she doesn’t want any thinner…

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Need a brow rescue or maintenance?

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